Renamaing directories

I have a following dvc.yaml file at the root of my project directory:

- dir1/dvclive/params.yaml
- dir2/dvclive/params.yaml
- dir1/dvclive/metrics.json
- dir2/dvclive/metrics.json
- dir1/dvclive/plots/metrics:
    x: step
- dir2/dvclive/plots/metrics:
    x: step

Also, I have dvc.yaml inside all the directories. Now I want to rename dir1 to dir1_new. What steps need to be taken after renaming the directory?

You can delete dir1 and change your dvclive code to point to dir1_new. However, note that there is not yet anyway to “merge” the old and new directory names when comparing your history of experiments.

Could you please elaborate your second sentence?
An example of what I will not be able to do will help…

Your old and new directories will show up as different columns in commands like dvc exp show.