Error "Unable to find DVC file with output"

I successfully added a directory with dvc add data. The directory contains a subdirectory A. Now I want to rename the directory with dvc move data/A data/B but this gives me the error: ERROR: failed to move 'A -> 'B' - Unable to find DVC file with output A'. What am I missing here?

Hello @lahrd!
dvc move is used when you want to change the name of an asset tracked by DVC as an output.
So in your case, it would work, if you would do something like dvc move data some_other_name.
As A is inside directory tracked by DVC, you only need to rename it “in normal way” and dvc add data or dvc commit data. :slight_smile:

@Paffciu Thanks for your reply. So when I move files or directories within data and run dvc add data again the only thing that changes is the data.dvc file, more specifically the md5 hash within it. There is basically no easy way to check what exactly I have changed? That’s very limiting.

You are right about md5.
As to what you did changed, you can use dvc diff {rev_a} {rev_b} to compare different revisions.
This command will be able to tell you what has changed.

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