Dvc.yaml file deletes

Hello all,
I am new here. I have been working on a project for sometime and it used data from devices for energy systems and then defines the best model for machine learning on that data. My question is whenever I use dvc repro and run the pipeline after the complete run which is after training stage, the dvc.yaml file deletes itself from the folder of the device which I manually created. Any help as to how I can prevent this file deleting by itself? Thank you.

@bilal93 can you share the layout for the folder structure of your project? Do you have your dvc.yaml nested in a folder tracked by dvc or listed as an output of your pipeline?

The folder structure is:

  • datastorage
    • device
      • device_6
        • original
        • features
        • raw
        • preprocessed
        • train
        • dvc.yaml

I think the dvc.yaml file is nested in the folder