DVC support for the local storage

Can we add local storage for DVC. like (i dont want to store it on s3 or gcp, need to only point to local storage)
ex :

  1. dvc add file:\\ xxx.xx.xx.x\images\annex\dvc-storage
  2. dvc add X:/annex/dvc-storage/data.xml ( local storage)
    After trying above option. i am getting error.
    Initialization error: Config file error: Unsupported URL.
    Please provide an appropriate solution or syntax

Note : storage is tyron. the storage location is mounted to window or on linux.

With ref : Does DVC fit in a Local Area Network infrastucture where git repos are not in the computing server?

Hi @jagdeesh !

If I’ve understood your scenario correctly from the previous post, you want to use mounted dvc-storage directory as a local remote for your dvc projects, so you and your team could dvc push/pull from/to it the cache for your projects, right? If so, you should use this command(I assume you are running Windows):

$ dvc remote add myremote X:\\annex\dvc-storage -d

which will tell dvc where the remote storage is located and after that you could simply use

$ dvc push # to upload your cache to the local storage
$ dvc pull # to download cache from the local storage

Our “get started” guide actually goes through the process of setting up a dvc project with a “local remote storage”, which looks to be precisely what you are trying to accomplish. Please take a look at it, it should be useful. Feel free to followup with any questions, we are always happy to help.


Hi @kupruser!.

Thanks for the quick reply it resolved my issue with small changes.

Url stored in the config
dvc add X:\annex\dvc-storage store in config file as

with changes ;
dvc add X:\annex\dvc-storage in config file (\) it double back slash.

Thank tyou