DVC remote storage

Hello DVC,

I’m currently following a DVC tutorial on my MacBook Air running the latest DVC version. I’ve set up remote storage using gdrive and created a folder named data/remote, following all the provided instructions.

However, when I execute the command “dvc push,” I encounter the following error:

$ dvc push

ERROR: unexpected error - : <HttpError 404 when requesting https://www.googleapis.com/drive/v2/files/1uLgZuvVlB0fnU-Fytp9kWdRyBjLmmktu?fields=driveId&supportsAllDrives=true&alt=json returned "File not found: 1uLgZuvVlB0fnU-Fytp9kWdRyBjLmmktu". Details: "[{'message': 'File not found: 1uLgZuvVlB0fnU-Fytp9kWdRyBjLmmktu', 'domain': 'global', 'reason': 'notFound', 'location': 'file', 'locationType': 'other'}]">

Encountering any issues? Feel free to reach out to us at Support; we’re always ready to assist!


Please create an issue in Issues · iterative/dvc · GitHub and provide dvc doctor and verbose log for dvc push -v there.