Google Drive. Error when remove file

Hi everyone,

I use google drive sync my project through 2 PC.

When I start dvc repro on the second PC I encounter with an error.

Running stage ‘prepare’:
python src/ data/init/
ERROR: failed to transfer ‘215b31ab1267ed29ee90047a9000c317’ - [WinError 1] Incorrect function: ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\…\data\prepared\prep_test.cvs’ → ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\…\.dvc\cache\21\5b31ab1267ed29ee90047a9000c317’
ERROR: failed to transfer ‘029c9cd22461f6dbe8d9ab01def965c6’ - [WinError 1] Incorrect function: ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\…\data\prepared\pred.cvs’ → ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\…\.dvc\cache\02\9c9cd22461f6dbe8d9ab01def965c6’
ERROR: failed to transfer ‘ab648f384a377a0a1a11a5b12a99b933’ - [WinError 1] Incorrect function: ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\…\data\prepared\prep_train.cvs’ → ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\…\.dvc\cache\ab\648f384a377a0a1a11a5b12a99b933’
file/directory ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc..\data\prepared\prep_train.cvs’ is going to be removed. Are you sure you want to proceed? [y/n]

I guess that problem is permission of folders, but I can’t find for new version of GD an ability to change a permission. There is no well known ability to change the permision of directory or files.


Does anyone anyone encountered with the same problem?

Is GD - Google Drive? You can try moving dvc repo or dvc’s cache to a location where you have write permissions.

dvc  cache dir /dir/where/you/have/write/permissions

See cache dir.

Thank you fro your reply.

I guess this setting of cache directory will be applyied on the another pc bacause of Google Drive syncing.