Dvc repro error. Google Drive files on the second pc

I am sincying my files through 2 PCs.

I have encountered with a problem on the second PC.

$ dvc repro
Running stage ‘prepare’:

python src/prepare.py data/init/proj.zip
ERROR: failed to transfer ‘029c9cd22461f6dbe8d9ab01def965c6’ - [WinError 1] Incorrect function: ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\proj\data\prepared\pred.cvs’ → ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\proj\.dvc\cache\02\9c9cd22461f6dbe8d9ab01def965c6’
ERROR: failed to transfer ‘215b31ab1267ed29ee90047a9000c317’ - [WinError 1] Incorrect function: ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\proj\data\prepared\prep_test.cvs’ → ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\proj\.dvc\cache\21\5b31ab1267ed29ee90047a9000c317’
ERROR: failed to transfer ‘ab648f384a377a0a1a11a5b12a99b933’ - [WinError 1] Incorrect function: ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\proj\data\prepared\prep_train.cvs’ → ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\proj\.dvc\cache\ab\648f384a377a0a1a11a5b12a99b933’
file/directory ‘H:\My Drive\dev\data\04.dvc\proj\data\prepared\prep_test.cvs’ is going to be removed. Are you sure you want to proceed? [y/n] y
ERROR: interrupted by the userte

I deleted tmp and cache directories in .dvc floder but it didn’t help me.

Does anyone encountered with the same error?

I have included a string “cache: false” fro all “outs” in dvc.yaml.
And everything became OK - without errors.