Dvc fails due to outs stage entry

I cannot run dvc due to the following error:
ERROR: failed to reproduce ‘dvc.yaml’: output ‘…/data-registry/forecast/models’ does not exist

I already tried different paths, relative, absolute and using direclty the paths instaed of using it by params var. :confused:
The weird thing is that this already worked. And suddently stops working.
I already use dvc destroy to clean everthing and I starded again and the problems continues :confused:

Can someone help me?

My dvc.yaml is:

  - db_config_file: /home/dsmendes/Documents/implementation/forecasting_module/config/config.yaml
  - params_file: /home/dsmendes/Documents/implementation/forecasting_module/params.yaml

    wdir: ..
    cmd: python -m forecasting_module.pipeline train ${db_config_file} ${params_file}
      - ${params_file}:
        - common.paths.models
        - common.columns.id
        - common.columns.date
        - common.columns.value
        - prophet.columns.prophet_date
        - prophet.columns.prophet_value
        - prophet.train_parameters.seasonality_mode
      - ${common.paths.models}

The debug outputs is:

2021-11-18 16:14:12,120 DEBUG: Dependency 'params.yaml' of stage: 'train' changed because it is '{'common.paths.models': 'new', 'common.columns.id': 'new', 'common.columns.date': 'new', 'common.columns.value': 'new', 'prophet.columns.prophet_date': 'new', 'prophet.columns.prophet_value': 'new', 'prophet.train_parameters.seasonality_mode': 'new'}'.
2021-11-18 16:14:12,121 DEBUG: stage: 'train' changed.
2021-11-18 16:14:12,122 DEBUG: Removing output '../data-registry/forecast/models' of stage: 'train'.
2021-11-18 16:14:12,122 DEBUG: Removing '../data-registry/forecast/models'
2021-11-18 16:14:12,129 DEBUG: defaultdict(<class 'dict'>, {'params.yaml': {'common.paths.models': 'new', 'common.columns.id': 'new', 'common.columns.date': 'new', 'common.columns.value': 'new', 'prophet.columns.prophet_date': 'new', 'prophet.columns.prophet_value': 'new', 'prophet.train_parameters.seasonality_mode': 'new'}})
Running stage 'train':
> python -m forecasting_module.pipeline train /home/dsmendes/Documents/implementation/forecasting_module/config/config.yaml /home/dsmendes/Documents/implementation/forecasting_module/params.yaml
2021-11-18 16:14:12,937 ERROR: failed to reproduce 'dvc.yaml': output '../data-registry/forecast/models' does not exist

The error message means that DVC thinks your stage failed because the specified out was not actually generated.

Does the directory ../data-registry/forecast/models exist after you’ve run the train stage?

Also double check that your relative paths (specifically the common.paths.models parameter) are correct, DVC will interpret them relative to <dir containing dvc.yaml>/…since you have also definedwdir: …` in your stage.

Thanks you.
I found my error. I had a mistake into my code. And the outs was not created.