Dvc exp apply removed files untracked by dvc

Hi, need help. I had a repo with input untrackes files in dir called data. In the same dir i stored files tracked by dvc according to dvc.yaml settings. I ran several experiments and then ran dvc exp apply. After than all untrackes files in data dir were removed as well as untracked ipynb notebooks in my notebooks dir (tracked notebooks where saved).
Please, help me to restore my files, maybe undo dvc exp apply changes…

Hi @alan_s. Please take a look at exp apply for how to revert dvc exp apply.

Thank you for support, but my files were untracked and I got message:

You may have made other changes or created conflicting copies of those untracked files. Can you get back to a clean Git state without any untracked files in your workspace and then run again?

After dvc exp apply I only ran dvc pull. Than for safety I didn’t work in my repo, only copied it to other dirs and worked there. Now I have no copies of untracked files, i didn’t copy them anywhere… so
i don’t have any conflicting copies of them…

Found my copies. I had three stashes:

After i applied the second one (number 1) restored my files. Why is it so? dvc stashes untracked files before exp apply and in several stashes?

Yes, I believe that’s correct. Please take a look at the comment here if you want to dig further: dvc/dvc/repo/experiments/stash.py at dd2b515c97a6757c6c3522329d6259e0e86592df · iterative/dvc · GitHub.

Thank you very much for your help and advices, will try to understand deeper what is going on.