DVC corruption after restart

I had an unexpected system restart while running some experiments and since then the dvc queue
and dvc exp show commands are frozen. Is there any way to restore them (preferably without having to reinitialize dvc)? I tried removing everything from the queue but I can’t even do that.

Do you get any output when running dvc exp or queue commands in verbose mode?

Thanks a lot for your answer. No, I get no output in neither simple or verbose mode and the process doesn’t seem to use any resources.

If you are okay with losing the queue and other temporary info, you could try dropping everything in .dvc/tmp. Does that help?

Thanks. That solved it.

And actually I didn’t lose the succeeded experiments because before deleting .dvc/tmp I created new branches with these experiments (I remembered the names of the queued experiments)

Great, glad it worked! Yes, if you ever have that problem again, deleting that dir should only delete queued experiments which have not yet been run. Completed experiments should never get lost.