DVC 3.4.0 pull dvc file validation failed

I’m trying to figure out my problem because of upgrading DVC.(i think)

aaa.csv.dvc is made version 2.x.x
and now I upgrade dvc version 3.4.0.
also, i use s3 bucket for storing dvc files

when run command dvc pull aaa.csv.dvc
i got an error

'../../bbb/bbb.csv.dvc' validation failed.

extra keys not allowed, in outs -> 0 -> metric, line 3, column 3
  2 outs:
  3 - md5: xxxxx
  4   path: bbb.csv

it is really weird. i choose aaa.csv.dvc but dvc pulling other file.

what i have to do for fixing this error?

Hi @elephantoid! Could you share the full (redacted) output of dvc pull -v aaa.csv.dvc and the contents of aaa.csv.dvc?

Thanks to reply.
there is all of output when i run command.
aaa.csv contains general dataframe. int, object, str, etc

Could you please show the contents of aaa.csv.dvc (not aaa.csv)?

Also, could you please show the output of dvc pull -v aaa.csv.dvc (-v should generate more verbose output)?