ERROR: failed to pull data from the cloud

DVC pull data from the s3 bucket is always failed in GitHub Action. My project link:

Tried dvc pull and dvc push , giving same output everyting is up to date.

Hopping for your help.

Hey @ra_md,

The Github worker needs to have the credentials to connect to your S3 bucket. These can be configured with environment variables for example.

More info under “Click for Amazon S3” in

p.s. if that’s not it you can try using dvc pull -v in the workflow to see what the exact problem is.

Hm, it is odd that your data files seem to be pulled fine but not your model files. I’m not sure what’s happening, but you could try a few things:

  • Update the command to dvc pull -v to get verbose output.
  • Add dvc doctor to the github action commands so that your exact dvc version and info is captured in the output as well.
  • Can you check if there is a file in your local repo at .dvc/cache/65/12bbb0de17657f5642faab37d5f8b9?
  • Can you check if there is a file at s3://herokufastapibucket/65/12bbb0de17657f5642faab37d5f8b9?
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