DVC 0.40.2 is out!


DVC 0.40.2 IS OUT :tada::

IMPORTANT :exclamation::

Cache link type defaults to reflink, copy instead of reflink, hardlink, symlink, copy. This it the biggest and the most important change of this release since it might affect the performance in the default mode. To get more context, please read this long discussion. A notification that explains how to enable the advanced mode is printed in case of slow operations with large data.


  • Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun OSS) support as a storage backend (remote) - #1954.
  • .dvcignore file is introduced. Read more details here.
  • A dvc pipeline show --locked prints only locked stages - #1882.
  • Support for the -f (file name) option for the dvc import command - #1827.
  • Comments and custom fields in .dvc files. Check this comment to see the latest supported format.
  • SSH directories support for external outputs and dependencies - #1892.
  • dvc repro --downstream option to execute a stage and its dependents - #1555.
  • dvc metrics show better supports the JSONPath features - #1919.
  • dvc add -R a warning message in case of a directory with large amount of files #1758.
  • :zap:pull/push/checkout performance optimizations - #1839 and #1975.
  • SSH config file support (~/.ssh/config) - #1613.
  • dvc version command to show the environment details - #1963.
  • dvc diff shortens git commit hashes - #1902.

BUG FIXES :bug::

  • Support for multipart uploads on S3 in external dependencies and external outputs, some context is here #1867.
  • Show metrics across all branches β€œa file not found” error - #1891. And a similar issue - #1817.
  • A minor issue with DVC not protecting files on dvc add in certain edge cases - #1655.
  • DVC metrics show on non-unicode locale - #1929.