DVC 0.18 is out!

We have been working hard last few weeks improving user experience , performance , and documentation . Kudos to @sotte and @Hong-Xiang for the great feedback they gave us!

We are very close to the 1.0 release! Two major changes are coming in DVC 1.0 - commit semantics and execution matrix. Both changes should make DVC more flexible for ML practitioners. Please, read, discuss and let us know about your thoughts!

Since the last announcement we have released versions 0.12 through 0.18 and are really excited to share the progress with you:

  • :zap: DVC just got faster :

    • Data files management commands - dvc add , dvc push , dvc pull , etc got up to 10x faster on data sets with large number of files.

    • Commands startup latency reduced 3x

  • :orange_book: Documentation got better - a whole new get started guide, new use cases, DVC internals, and lot of other great stuff you can find here.

  • :slightly_smiling_face: Usability improvements - DVC interface got more informative and easier to use:

  • :gem: Other changes include - DEB and RPM repositories, bug fixes and other things you can check in the complete changelog.

Please give us a :star:star - DVC repository - if you haven’t yet. And we are waiting for your comments, questions, feedback!