DVC 0.9.7 release


We are happy to announce new DVC release 0.9.7.


  1. New types of cache links (data files in your working space) in addition to default hardlink: Reflink, symlink, copy. Reflink is the especially exciting part of this change. It can improve your data integrity without negative impact on performance. However, not all file systems support that, though support for it is coming to almost every modern filesystem(e.g. BTRFS, XFS, ReFS, etc).
  2. Configurable and shareable cache dirs. Now, many users can work on the same DVC project together sharing a single cache directory.
  3. dvc checkout for a single file.
  4. Stages without dependencies are now running by dvc repro.
  5. Dvc now checks for updates once a week and prints a warning if a newer version is available.
  6. Added dvc install for installing git post-checkout hook.
  7. Bug fixes.

DVC Team

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