What is the suggested way to use `desc`, `type`, `label`, and `meta` in imports?

DVC imports have options for a few extra variables like shown here in the docs: import-url

However, it is not explained what purpose each of them serves. E.g. it is unclear what is the difference between label and desc, or whether the meta key-value pairs are used by any other feature of DVC. Also I am not sure what type is for, is it the same type as storage type (e.g. s3), or rather is it a note about files type (xml or pngs)? Are these options totally arbitrary in interpretation and up to the user, or is there any correct way to distinguish them?

If these values are used by other DVC features it wold be great to link them in the docs. If they are self-sufficient, but there is a suggested way of using them it would be nice to leave a note about the intended usage in the docs. If it is totally up to the user to make sense of how to utilize them best it could also be noted.

Hi @maciejzj! They are currently arbitrary and up to the user. Their purpose is to help users organize models and other artifacts, and as a prerequisite to developing a registry based on those fields . How were you hoping to use those fields?

I wanted to include extra URLs with some documentation that would help others understand the data better. I settled on including this information within desc and I’m quite happy with it.

I guess this is solved for me and your response @dberenbaum clears this matter, thx.

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