--file option for "import" - did it get removed?

I am a bit confused. I could swear that I used a “–file” option when I did “dvc import” last time.
Was that available only in a previous version?
Very strange.

@run45 what exactly are you trying to achieve? May be we can help you to setup it with a different option.

So I had 2 things I was using the --file option for.

  1. I had/have a data/ (contains various data) directory that is in my .gitignore file. Into that I wanted to add the dvc controlled data files.
    When I tried to
    dvc import url path -o data/
    then dvc complains that the dvc file will be stored in a gitignored directory
    dvc import url path -o data/ --file dvcData.dvc
    worked fine for me where the dvcData.dvc file was saved outside the data/ directory

  2. I wanted to import “somedata” into my project as “mydata”. So I used the option to rename it in one go (without using “dvc move” or something)

FYI: super new to dvc so I might do things wrong.