What are the possible values for `dvc config` command?

Is there a place listing all the properties that can be configured using the dvc config command? I couldn’t find such info in the documentation, for instance.

This would be very helpful for people starting out, to understand the possibilities of DVC.

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Hi @andrethrill !

Great point! We are currently working on updating our docs and that info is going to be listed there, but I think that we also need to list everything in dvc config --help too. I’ve created https://github.com/iterative/dvc/issues/848 for that.

As of right now, unfortunately, there is no good source for that info other than the source code itself(No pun intended). Here is the schema for our config: https://github.com/iterative/dvc/blob/master/dvc/config.py#L119 . We will be sure to provide a proper docs for that in the upcoming release.

Please feel free to ask us if you need any info.


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For the record: https://dvc.org/doc/command-reference/config is the official documentation for the dvc config.