Remote ssh port error


I’m trying to set up an ssh-remote

pys@gitlab:~/lfstest/ > dvc remote add base ssh://
pys@gitlab:~/lfstest/ > dvc remote modify base port 12322
pys@gitlab:~/lfstest/ > dvc add data.xml
Error: Initialization error: Config file error: Key ‘remote “base”’ error:
Key ‘port’ error:
‘12322’ should be instance of ‘int’
pys@gitlab:~/lfstest/ > cat ./.dvc/config
[‘remote “base”’]
url = ssh://
port = 12322

Gitlab: Disallowed command

Hi @pys !

Thank you for the feedback! This is definitely a bug, I’m already preparing a patch. Will release 0.18.7 with the fix in an hour or so.



Hi @pys

Just wanted to let you know that 0.18.7 is out. Please feel free to upgrade and give it a try.