Probelm when running dvc exp run

Hello, upon running a dvc exp run i get the following error message, after all the stages are finished:
ERROR: configuration error - config file error: expected ‘url’ for dictionary value …
In addition to that a very old version of the project is being restored eventhough commits to both git and dvc have been made. What could be the reason for that?

Hi @Nenkoff. Can you please share the verbose output? Please add -v to the command that you were using. Thanks.

Hi, currently the command is working, even though no changes were made on the code. Cloning the git branch and using dvc destroy plus the same procedure used for the initializing dvc on the first branch yielded the expected normal behavior of “dvc exp run”. I was thinking if this could be a problem with the VPN or the remote storage access? Also is “dvc destroy” removing the cache and all .dvc files from all the branches of a git repo or just the one we are currently on?

The VPN is unlikely to have affected dvc exp run, please let us know if you encounter the issue again, also providing full logs (dvc exp run -v) as well as version (dvc doctor): this will help us help you :slight_smile: .

About dvc destroy: it will only remove <name>.dvc files from the current branch, but will also remove all cache files, config files stored in the .dvc, which are not tracked by git. Please refer to the docs for destroy.