Pipeline template


I want to create a template of a pipeline -
i.e. i want to run the same pipeline with different parameters each time.
i read the templating section documentation and looks like the only solution is
foreach in each stage,

is it possible to run multiple stages with one foreach block?
what if I want to run one specific set of params?

any suggestions?


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@roeez thank you for your question!

There are a few discussions about this subject: Reconfigurable pipelines · Discussion #5921 · iterative/dvc · GitHub and Reconfigurable modules · Discussion #5922 · iterative/dvc · GitHub.

It would be really helpful if you can provide more details on why the template is needed? Is it because you have multiple similar projects or it is about a specific use case in a single project? How an ideal API should look like in your dvc.yaml?

I’d appreciate it if you can provide more details.