Move a .dvc stage without re-run

I just ran a dvc run ... but forgot to specify the -f flag so it created a .dvc file in an unintended location. Is there a smart way of moving it without re-running the stage? This method should take care of location and relative paths :wink:

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Hi @drorata,

Unfortunatelly it seems you need to just move the DVC-file and manually change the paths in it to make them relative to the new location. Or you can change them into absolute paths.

If you think you may be moving stage files in the future, maybe consider specifying the dependencies and outputs as absolute paths when you use dvc run.

It would be great to have this as a feature request though, would you like to open an issue in out Git repo?


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@drorata have you had chance to try the pre-release 1.0a? It has changed a lot the way pipelines are organized - it’s a single file now that is intended to be human readable/editable. Would be really great if you give it a try and let us know if solves the problem with renaming/moving things.

@shcheklein as I mentioned in the ticket, I didn’t have the chance to put in action the changes introduced in 1.0a. Most of my time with DVC is currently invested in a single project where I’m worried about backward incompatibilities.