Leave questions open for a bit after they are solved?

Kupruser answered my question on discord, then marked it here as being answered on discord with a link, then closed it here.
Since the topic was closed/solved, I was unable to add the answer. I would have liked to add the answer here so that other sojourners could find both the question and answer here, to help build a central repository os knowledge.
Alas, I was only able to edit the title of the question.
Thanks for your consideration.

I’m sorry for that, was trying to keep the conversation in one place, so we can keep the context. IIRC neither had a link to the other. Reopened Can't push to gdrive, dvc doctor won't run [solved] multiple installs of dvc Thanks for the feedback.

PS: Please try to avoid duplicating over multiple platforms at the same time, we see all the questions and we will respond wherever platform they are on. Posting in multiple places at the same time is just creating more noise for us. Thank you for your understanding.

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