How to create stage with parameters?

I have a training script that has a parameter seed and the output model’s name is dependent on the seed, e.g. when seed = 0, the model name is model-0.ckpt. What is the correct way to add a stage? I tried the following but the generated dvc.yaml and .gitignore file is not correct

dvc stage add -n train \
    -d data/train.pkl -d data/val.pkl -d data/test.pkl \
    -d \
    -p seed \
    -o models/model-${seed}.ckpt \
    python -s ${seed}
    cmd: python -s -d
    - data/test.pkl
    - data/train.pkl
    - data/val.pkl
    - seed
    - models/model-.ckpt
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@cenwangumass the best way in this case is to edit the file manually. I don’t think you can do it via CLI. You are on the right track with templating though! Let me know if editing it manually worked for you.