Gdrive-user-credentials.json is missing

I’m learning CI with DVC and GitHub actions and I have a problem: the file drive-user-credentials.json cant be found in my .dvc directory even after dvc push/pull as on tutorials. I read all material on this particular matter available on DVC page but could not find an answer. Can you help me? Without this file, GitHub actions do not have the authorization to run my pipeline.

Hi, Tiago.

The credential file of gdrive will be generated after the first time you try to connect to the server and login into your account from the browser.

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Hello, Yanxiang. Thanks for replying.

Yes. After login, the file is supposed to be at my_project_path/.dvc/tmp/, right? But I cant find it there. This is my tmp directory tree:

├── hashes
│ └── local
│ └── cache.db
├── index
│ └── a67465ebfb6db11959d405312e9e0388803482ab0192da9db4bcc92d42bba0db
│ └── cache.db
├── links
│ └── cache.db
├── lock
├── rwlock
└── rwlock.lock

Have I missed something or did something during installation? Btw, I don’t know whether this is relevant but I’m using anaconda.

Thanks for your help.

Hey @tiagoborelli .

It should be $CACHE_HOME/pydrive2fs/{gdrive_client_id}/default.json by default. What tutorials are you using? Looks like it is outdated and we need to fix it up. The docs in remote modify and in How to Setup a Google Drive DVC Remote are pointing to the correct location, so I’m a bit confused about which tutorial you are talking about.


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@kupruser He’s referring to the Getting Started Tutorial! I found a comment from there too in YouTube. This video is old. It may be due for updating! Sorry for your frustration @tiagoborelli! We will work on what needs to be corrected in the video. You can also checkout our free online course which was created more recently at