Importing from a git repo, then pulling

Hi all!

I’ve got a dvc repo which dvc imports a directory from another normal git repo. This works fine.

However if I clone the dvc repo (or do a git clean -xdf to simulate) then run dvc pull, I can’t pull the imports properly. I notice that they’re not in my remote: presumably that’s because dvc is getting them from the original git repo url instead which is fine.

The error I get is:

$ dvc pull imported_steps/step_A.dvc 
ERROR: unexpected error - 'ExternalGitRepo' object has no attribute 'cache'

The associated .dvc file is

md5: 89ee29a257a80e53398e0927103f9c40
locked: true
- path: src
    url: /path/to/original/repo/step_A
    rev_lock: 4244a25681d4e9dcbd9795e9406c9d0734dac3f9
- md5: d3a51ab352355f4f39f5adf02bcd698a.dir
  path: step_A
  cache: true
  metric: false
  persist: false
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Hi @cbaynham and thanks for the question! Sorry for the delay…

This sounds like a bug in something that is a recent feature (importing Git-tracked files).

Do you mind opening this report as a bug in (including DVC version, etc.)?

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Cheers Jorge, have done in