Dvc.lock - is it possible to use a better file suffix instead of .lock?

I started using dvc in an existing git repo. The existing .gitignore file had some sane defaults, which are pretty common: and it was set up to ignore *.lock files.

Typically, .lock files are created dynamically during an executable run, to prevent a 2nd instance of the same executable accessing shared data. There are many other uses of .lock files - but the common pattern is that they are very transient, and they are not checked into source control.

To avoid conflict with typical .gitignore config, I would like to suggest that dvc.lock might be better renamed, using a different suffix, or using a hidden file.


Such change would break any existing repo after the 1.0.0 version. The risk would be big. Such change could be discussed before releasing the next major version.

As a workaround, I would recommend using an exception for dvc.lock in the .gitignore file:

I ended up removing *.lock from the .gitignore, and that worked.