Downloading data from azure storage container using dvc

I have an azure blob container with data which I have not uploaded myself. The data is not locally on my computer.
Is it possible to use dvc to download the data to my computer when I haven’t uploaded the data with dvc? Is it possible with dvc import-url?
I have tried using dvc pull, but can only get it to work if I already have the data locally on the computer and have used dvc add and dvc push .
And if I do it that way, then the folders on azure are not human-readable. Is it possible to upload them in a human-readable format?
If it is not possible is there then another way to download data automatically from azure?

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@fyrstenberg I’ve answered to this here on SO - python - By how much can i approx. reduce disk volume by using dvc? - Stack Overflow

But please, elaborate on the scenario and what you are trying to achieve at the end. That would help us tailor the answer.

I got the answer on stackoverflow

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