Deletion of storage

I have created a toy project with google drive storage. I created 3 versions of the dataset and then deleted the drive folder to create a new storage folder. Then create 3 more dataset versions. When I want to download the first version it throws me an error:

Some of the cache files do not exist neither locally nor on remote. Missing cache files:
name: None, md5: 176fc4479b1573160fd05222c20976d2.dir

Is there a way to recover or rebuild the versions before the storage change?

Thanks in advance

Hello @aaron!
If you want to retreive the first version, the one that you deleted you would need to try to recover data on drive itself - Delete and restore files in Google Drive - Computer - Google Drive Help
They might be in Trash folder, but that holds only for 30 days after “deletion”. You would need to retrieve it and merge with the “new” folder.