Clone of repo with symlinked files creates copies not links

I created a simple test repository with structure similar to this (there are actually a couple more levels of subfolders, but that does not change the issue):
1.png (actual image files)
1.png symlink to actual 1.png created using “ln -s …/repo/1.png 1.png”
Did a dvc add of everything in the data folder “dvc add data”, then git add, etc.
Pushed the dvc repository to a Google cloud remote, and pushed git to a remote.
Finally, create a fresh working folder, then:
git clone
dvc pull
This DOES create the right folder structure but the working folder contains a full copy of 1.png, not a symlink to 1.png.
Is this expected? Is there a way to have DVC cache and re-create a symlink rather than just follow it and end up with two copies of the file?