Check if files are in same versions in local and remote without doing dvc pull


I would like to kwow if there is a way to know if files are not up to date on my github repo (with the .dvc files) compare to dvc storage without doing a dvc pull and dvc repro. In other words, how can I check if nobody forget to do a dvc push before git push.

I can’t use dvc pull to check that because the check is doing in a github action and files are too large to be pull on it. And I don’t want to depends on some hooks because it implies to be sure that everybody install it.

I have the intuition that it coulb be possible to check the md5 stock in .dvc files are the same that in remote without pulling them but I don’t find the solution.

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:


you could set up hooks so that some checks are run before commits/push:

There’s no way of checking the status of the files without actually having the files locally, but once the files are copied locally, you can run dvc status --cloud to check the status of the local repository/files against the remote. The --quiet/q flags make it quiet and exit with error if the local cache is not up-to-date with the remote.

Hope this helps!