Change SSH remote

Hi there, I had a configuration with SSH remote working fine.
Then, I had to change to other IP so I changed the IP in the configuration file. Then new server is a copy from the previous one.
Now, I get the following error when I try to push:

ERROR: failed to transfer ‘md5: 52ad4e880291989c4ac4419cc4d85376’ - Permission denied

Can be something related to the cache?
failed to upload ‘.dvc/cache/ca/217e1b1f3a0c37a2b0c490558d7ddf.dir’ to 'ssh://user@IP/path/data/ca/217e1b1f3a0c37a2b0c490558d7ddf

Does anyone know why? Am I missing any step?
Thanks in advance

Hey. Does ssh user@IP work? If so, can you check if the path to specified in the configuration is readable/writable by your user?

Yes! That was the problem, the folders were not owned by the user.

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