Can't pull dvc tracked data from private repo

I have two repos, one for code and one for data - org/code-repo and org/data-repo, org is a github organization which I created, my teammates have write permission for any repo in it. I used dvc import path/to/data_file --config .dvc/config.local in org/code-repo (config contains credentials for webdav remote) and commited the changes.

If I try to use dvc pull or dvc status in org/code-repo without dvc data downloaded, everything works as expected. But it doesn’t work my teammates:

for dvc pull:

Collecting                                                                                                                           |0.00 [00:01,    ?entry/s]
Building workspace index                                                                                                             |0.00 [00:00,    ?entry/s]
Comparing indexes                                                                                                                    |2.00 [00:00, 2.66entry/s]
Applying changes                                                                                                                     |0.00 [00:00,     ?file/s]
Everything is up to date.
ERROR: failed to pull data from the cloud - Checkout failed for following targets:
Is your cache up to date?

for dvc status:

ERROR: SCM error: Failed to clone repo '' to '/tmp/tmpn9x1vkpzdvc-clone': Authentication failed for: '': Permission denied for user git on host

They can clone org/data-repo with git though.

Have you looked through all the suggestions here? Troubleshooting


Thank you, cloned repo with ssh without passphrase and it worked