Access to files uploaded with dvc without dvc

I was playing with DVC and realized it is really powerfull but not sure it can fit my use case.
Some context, I did some tests with dvc and managed to upload my files to S3, I can push and pull data perfectly.
I need to be able to access the files uploaded to S3 with other tool in which I cannot integrate dvc, this tool should be able to access the files on S3. I was expecting to be able to access the files on S3 on any way, but I cannot find where they are located, to me looks like the files themselves are not uploaded but a binary instead (correct me if I am wrong). So, my question is: ¿is there any way in which I can access the real files uploaded to s3 without doing a dvc pull?

you can use the dvc api to get the actual path of a file stored in an S3 remote: get_url()