Using DVC with/in subtrees

I’ve checked the docs, and don’t see mention of subtrees.

How well does DVC work with subtrees?

I’ve recently discovered subtrees, and they seem to fulfill my need to have folders that are somewhat independent within a main repository. I wonder if a DVC-managed folder would work as a subtree though, as the .dvc file is outside the folder. It would seem there is the same issue with submodules.


❯ tree -L 1   
├── build
├── canary.zeros
├── dist
├── docs
├── exams
├── exams.dvc

Say the parent folder is in, repo_main, and exams is in repo_exams, then it would appear that exams.dvc would be managed by repo_main, instead of repo_exams, leading to inconsistencies between the folder and its hashes in the .dvc file.

I would appreciate suggestions on how to handle this, or thoughts on how others handle this.