Use previous version of model as initial weights

I have a pipeline the output of which is a model tracked with dvc and lets say it is tagged v0.1.0. I would like to use the weights of this model as the initial weights in training a new model. I was wondering what the best way to achieve this would be?

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Hi @davesteps!

So in this case what you could do is to leverage dvc import to achieve your desired results.

  1. You create model training stage eg.
    dvc run -n train_model -d -d data -o model python
  2. commit and tag the project
  3. use dvc import . model --rev {tag} -o initial_weights
  4. dvc run -n retrain_model -d data -d initial_weights -d -o retrained_model python - I assume here that your code is capable of reconginzing if initial_weights exists and using them if so - also in that case output should be under retrained_model instead of model
  5. commit repo state, and tag if necessary
  6. next repetitions are easier: if you want to reuse retrained_model - just run dvc import . retrained_model --rev {new_tag} -o initial_weights - since you use only one initial_weights you can override them
  7. Repeat commiting, tagging and 6. as long as necessary

Some notes:
The use case that you described could ideally be solved, if we would allow our stages to have model both as input and output. This case is currently not supported, due to potential problems with reproducibility of the project. I guess that with recent development of our experiments feature ( we could reconsider implementing them. I can’t find any open issue for supporting them. @davesteps Could I ask you to create issue on github for circular dependencies support?


Thanks for the reply @Paffciu. Yes I will create feature request for circular dependency support. I think your solution of using dvc import will work. I simply modified my train stage to have a dependency on the initial_weights then a param to optional load them. Just need to remember to run the dvc import prior to dvc repro to make sure I am starting with the correct version. It would be really nice to have some way to just specify the version number of weights to load as a param, I guess this might be possible using the python api inside

The issue with using import is that it does not overwrite the existing, so I would need to manually delete every time:

ERROR: failed to import 'model' from '.'. - Paths for outs:           
overlap. To avoid unpredictable behaviour, rerun command with non overlapping outs paths.

I have also experimented a solution using the get instead of import. The trouble with get is that it does not look in the local cache for the model and downloads from remote every time. Not sure if there is some reason get couldn’t look in the cache?

dvc import (latest version) overwrites existing paths - what is your dvc version result?

What you seem to encounter is two .dvc files having overlapping paths - and DVC does not allow that. I am not sure, since I don’t see your repo, but it seems to me like first you did dvc import . initial_weights and then tried to dvc import . initial_weights/model -o initial_weights/model - Am I right?

Hi @Paffciu. I have upgraded to version 1.8.2 but still get the issue. I think it might be something to do with the fact that the model object being imported is actually directory. I have tried importing a dvc tracked yaml file and that works fine, but then on another directory ‘test_data’ and get the same error message.

Edit: in fact i can do dvc import . model/model-weights.h5 --rev v0.1.1 -o initial_weights.h5 so even though the whole dir is tracked i can import the contents separately :slight_smile:

DVC version: 1.8.2 (pip)
Platform: Python 3.6.9 on Linux-5.4.0-48-generic-x86_64-with-Ubuntu-18.04-bionic
Supports: http, https, s3
Cache types: hardlink, symlink
Repo: dvc, git

DVC is supporting granular imports - it is possible to pick out singular elements of the directory.
So, is your workflow behaving as intended now?

Yes @Paffciu thanks for your help, using dvc import . model/model-weights.h5 --rev v0.1.1 -o initial_weights.h5 works as desired.

I think I have three issues to create on github 1) circular dependencies support 2) The above error when re-importing a directory 3) Request that get tries the local cache first before getting from remote.

  1. and 3. - sound like valid issues
  2. I am not sure if it’s a valid bug - do you remember the steps you took which resulted in that error? I reckon there might have been some error in output generation / specifying import paths. But it’s definitely worth investigating, so if you are willing to, you might create an issue for that as well. :slight_smile: