Sync S3 remote bucket auth w/GitHub repo access settings

Hi folks,

My org is a happy GitHub user and we’re looking to adopt DVC. Question: has anyone attempted a way to sync a GitHub repo’s access settings with an S3 bucket? I’d like to avoid having to replicate the same access settings used on every GitHub repo w/its associated DVC S3 remote AWS permissions.

edit: similar to how LFS auth appears to “just work” when used w/Gitub.

I’m referring to the “Manage Access” area of a GitHub repo:

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Hi @dlite,

DVC does not integrate with Github or provid an interface to manage remote storage access. But feel free to send an issue request on about that.

Maybe you could implement a script that uses the GH API /orgs/members endpoints to fetch the org user access settings periodically and apply them to S3 via its own CLI or API (which I didn’t check to see if exposes these resources).


Thanks @jorgeorpinel - that’s a good idea. I’ll investigate.

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It would be a really great feature, @dlite!

How about writing a Github action?

It is sad I don’t see an obvious trigger in this list -

But may be we it can be a cron like even that you run every 5 minutes - ?

This is how an action that check some ACLs look like - … I hope something similar could be done to read the whole list of collaborators/team members and ping AWS via API to sync permissions?

@shcheklein - thanks for the starting points!

I’m hoping to carve out some time to investigate in the next couple of weeks. If I get something going, I’ll post an update to this thread.

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