Simplify Get Started?

After finishing the “Get Started” tutorial, I have a feeling that it is a bit more complex than it should be for a beginner. For example the links and references to more advanced and complex explanations only distract the reader and are not much useful.

My opinion is that a good first tutorial should be consistent, self-contained and sequential (reading it from the beginning to the end, like an article, without jumping forth and back to more advanced doc pages). If there is something that needs to be explained, it is much better to include a paragraph or a note to the text of the tutorial itself, instead of sending the reader to another page (“for more details click here”).

For example what is the point or benefit of referring the reader to a future chapter/section of the tutorial itself, when the reader will eventually get there if he just reads in order. (However it makes sense to refer back to past sections of the tutorial, to remind the reader something, if necessary).

So, my opinion is that Get Started may need to be simplified a bit.


For the record. We have a ticket to handle this .