Lockfile is corrupted

I have a problem with my Lockfile. I’m running a project on windows with dvc version 1.11.3 installed by anaconda. Everything just works fine there. But when I run dvc status from dvc (version 1.9.1 installed with the .exe), it gives a Lockfile is corrupted error.
Can I fix that somehow manually?


Hi @jimmy. There was an incompatible change in 1.10/1.11, regarding the lock file. Is it possible to upgrade the version to the 1.11.x?

We don’t guarantee forward compatibility, so we always recommend to use the same version.


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thank you for your answer. The machine I’m running this on, is not connected to the internet. So I have to copy the .exe and run the installer. This is not ideal, but will work for the moment. But what happens if there are more projects using dvc with different versions? That could get quite complicated pretty fast, I think. The machine is not a real “working pc”. It’s more for collecting data, since its main purpose is running a camera.