Linking multiple cloud accounts

I would like to put some of my data in different folders in aws, is there any way to link multiple projects/ urls and then decide which one I wan to deposit it too ?

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Hi @nickbent!

Sure, you can configure a few aws remotes with:

dvc remote add myremote1 s3://bucket1/path
dvc remote add myremote2 s3://bucket2/path

And then use -r option with push/pull/fetch to choose which one you want. For example:

echo first > first
echo second > second

dvc add first second

dvc push first.dvc -r myremote1
dvc push second.dvc -r myremote2
dvc pull first.dvc -r myremote1
dvc pull second.dvc -r myremote2

Could you please elaborate on your scenario so we could consider it and provide a better support in the future?


This is perfect, thanks for the quick reply!