DVC with bitbucket

I want to setup DVC on top of bitbucket instead of git. How can i do it. Can DVC integrate with bitbucket.

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Hi @writetoneeraj !

Bitbucket is also using git though. For dvc it doesn’t matter which git server you are using to store your git project, it could be gitlab, github, bitbucket, even your own git server or no git server at all. Mind that dvc is using git to store tiny meta-files alongside your code, and the data files themselves are stored outside of git, so if you want to share them, you’ll need to set up a dvc remote ,which could be anything from ssh server to hdfs, s3, gs, azure, etc. You might find this [1] article useful :slight_smile:

[1] https://dvc.org/doc/use-cases/share-data-and-model-files



While Git is used to storing and version code, DVC does the same for data and model files. Git can store code locally and also on a hosting service like GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab. Likewise, DVC uses a remote repository to store all your data and models.

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