Dvc pull --glob

Hi, I want to share just some of my files on a remote. For that I used dvc push --glob data/**/*.txt data , which seemed to work. But how can someone download and checkout only this subset? All other data files are stored just locally and were never pushed. The command dvc pull --glob data/**/*.txt throws a lot of errors, because dvc tries to download files from the remote that I never uploaded.


--glob right now has a very limited functionality, and it is only working on local files, even for dvc pull. However dvc pull supports specific targets (e.g. specific directory or specific file). Full glob support will be coming sometime in the future.

if I understand that correctly, by now, it is possible to download a single folder or file but not a subset of a folder (with a glob expression). Is that correct?

Correct. E.g. dvc pull path/to/datafile, dvc pull path/to/datadir/path/to/subdir, dvc pull path/to/datadir/path/to/subdir/subfile, etc

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