.dvc/plots missing

Hello, I am trying for the first time to use the dvc’s plotting feature. I am able to execute dvc plots show - however, my resulting html is blank. I am specifically trying to show training loss. Following along through the dvc course, the templates should be located within .dvc/plots. I have no such directory. Perhaps I am overlooking something simple?

Hi @Tom_K!

AFAIK, .dvc/plots was removed and now DVC takes care of templates in a different way. Which DVC version are you using? dvc --version

Just to check, plots/loss.json isn’t empty?

plots/loss.json seems to be a valid json file with the expected content.

I would upload either the .json or .html but it is not supported here.

However, for whatever reason it works if I convert to csv. I think I would prefer the json, but it isn’t significant issue.

Not exactly related - but can these html plot be embedded into a readme.md?

Can you please file a bug in DVC repo for this? So we could reproduce and fix it? Thanks!

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