Dvc-gs library not found despite seemingly successful pip install 'dvc[gs]'

I am trying to setup dvc within a git project, using Google Cloud Storage as our cloud storage location. We have set up the remote, and we have assigned credentials that have Storage Admin permissions to our GCP project. After launching the venv, we ran `pip install ‘dvc[gs]’, although it appears the install is not completing correctly?

(.venv) nicholas@Nicks-MacBook-Pro cbb-tracking % pip list
Package                  Version
------------------------ -----------
dvc                      3.49.0
dvc-data                 3.15.1
dvc-gs                   3.0.1
dvc-http                 2.32.0
dvc-objects              5.1.0
dvc-render               1.0.1
dvc-studio-client        0.20.0
dvc-task                 0.4.0

(.venv) nicholas@Nicks-MacBook-Pro cbb-tracking % dvc push
ERROR: unexpected error - gs is supported, but requires 'dvc-gs' to be installed: No module named 'dvc_gs'

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(.venv) nicholas@Nicks-MacBook-Pro cbb-tracking % dvc-gs --version
zsh: command not found: dvc-gs
(.venv) nicholas@Nicks-MacBook-Pro cbb-tracking % dvc --version

It shows dvc-gs in our list of libraries when we run pip list, however gvc-gs --version returns command not found: dvc-gs error, and dvc push is not working. What could be the issue here? Feel like I am missing something obvious but I am not sure?

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Uninstalling a globally installed version of dvc fixed the issue. I had dvc installed globally but not dvc-gs. Not sure why the virtual environment was operating incorrectly, but this resolved the issue for me.