Dvc copy/merge repo strategy?

I have a repo I used through ssh on my iMac Pro. I’ve since begun using a local repo at /tank/data. It would be cool to combine them into one massive blob-o-data.

I have backups of .dvc along with its cached files. Let’s say .dvc/config used to point to the iMac. Would it be feasible to:

  • Remove the iMac as the remote
  • Add /tank/data as the remote
  • dvc push --all-commits --all-tags --all-branches

Restore another backup whose .dvc/config (and cached files) previously pointed to /tank/data.

  • dvc push --all-commits --all-tags --all-branches

Now all commits are in /tank/data (?)
If the commits already exist, are they skipped? The docs for dvc push seem to indicate they would be.