DVC assigns user permissions to folders in the ssh repository

Hi everybody. I need some help with a dvc repo. I have a very simple repository with a couple of dirs shared. The repo has a remote in an ssh server owned and managed by our team. As a repo folder in the ssh-server I created a folder (dvc.cache) owned by a unix group ‘dvc-group’. The problem is that when some user pushes files to the repo (with dvc push) and this requires the creation of a new repo folder (e.g., dvc.cache/fa), this folder is created with writing permissions only for the user, not for the dvc-group. This causes that when other users try to push modifications occuring in that folder he/she gets an [Errno 13] Permission denied, as expected.
My problem is that I couldn’t find a way to fix this other than manually logging into the server an changing the permissions of these folders.
Any ideas how to fix this for good with DVC?


I guess you need UNIX special permissions for your repository
$ chmod g+s test

When used on a directory, instead, the setgid bit alters the standard behavior so that the group of the files created inside said directory, will not be that of the user who created them, but that of the parent directory itself. This is often used to ease the sharing of files (files will be modifiable by all the users that are part of said group). Just like the setuid, the setgid bit can easily be spotted (in this case on a test directory):