Dvc add remote. error. Cached output(s) outside of DVC project:

Hi everyone,

I am a beginner in remote storage. And I am trying to do what descibe here:

$ dvc add remote myrmote gdrive://1XYYwhoXprp3ro-DMcrFHuk5-rNaY3f6x
ERROR: Cached output(s) outside of DVC project: gdrive://1XYYwhoXprp3ro-DMcrFHuk5-rNaY3f6x. See https://dvc.org/doc/user-guide/data-management/importing-external-data for more info.

The command you are looking for is

dvc remote add

(and not dvc add remote)

The error you are getting is because DVC thinks you are trying to dvc add files named remote, myremote, and gdrive://...

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Thank you,

my bad :sweat: