Dot-files left over after aborting file unprotection during dvc remove

Hi all, I am working on a data registry and I recently decided to dvc remove some data in order to re-add it in a slightly different way (I had originally used dvc add on a directory, but instead I wanted to dvc add directory/*.tif in order to expose the full file structure to registry users).

I ran dvc remove and DVC began unprotecting the files (the registry is on a NAS and I’ve opted for hard/soft links), but after about 3 seconds I changed my mind and quickly Ctrl + C cancelled the operation. I changed my mind back and again dvc added the files, which worked fine. However, after all of this, I now see two randomly named temporary dot-files (e.g. .UqziLwTLZqBT4zs2nXmFv9), and I don’t know what to do about them. They don’t have trivial file sizes, but they’re not the full size of the average data file in my case (about 1/3).

I assume this was due to cancelling the dvc remove. Does this mean the data is corrupted? If so, is this reparable? The original files all still seem to be there, though it’s difficult to confirm if any of them are corrupted. What should I do in this situation?

Thanks for any advice.