Comparing different metric/param/plot files

Is it possible to perform a diff on 2 distinct metric/param/plot files or only the same file can be compared across branch/commit? The scenario is if instead of having my experiments on different branches I have them on different folders.

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@quentin that a good scenario! We discussed this with @Paffciu briefly but I’m not sure the discussion was reflected in any issues.

Could you please add a comment to this one I can do this by myself but a comment from a user gives more value to an issue :slight_smile:

Hi @quentin!
@dmitry is right, we have been discussing it, but did not create issue. I did one now:

Could I ask you to chime in and describe your use case?
For example, is it possible that you might want to compare metric1.json from branch1 with metric2.json from branch2? Or is comparison happening only on the same revision?

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