Best practices: merge conflicts when traking folders

I read this issue Merging of files in DVC-tracked directories which is quite old and might not be valid anymore and also the documentation Merging of files in DVC-tracked directories.

Since drive seems to not cover cases like deletion of the same file ( I would be ok if it does not work if one modified the same file, but why is it a problem if the same file is deleted?) I wonder if it is then reccomented to track the single files instead of the directory.

If so, since my data folder contains other folders, if I do

dvc add *

the folders are added. but I really want to go to track on the granularity level of the single files. Is there a command for that?

It is possible but not recommended. Generally, it tends to cause more problems than it solves. For example, you will have to manage to stop tracking every deleted file yourself. There used to be dvc add --recursive, but it was dropped for this reason.

Dvc will take any targets you pass to dvc add and track them individually, so if you are want to track at the file level, you can find any shell utility that will output all the files and pipe the output to dvc add.